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Announcing Support Chat and Calling Card
« on: February 12, 2013, 07:50:23 AM »
Good morning!

We have been hard at work attempting to make it easier for users who need help with Mare Stare Cam setup to get in touch with support to ask questions or get support. There are two new ways to do this.

#1. Technical Support Chat page - http://www.marestare.com/assistance.php
        You can get to this page by going up to the navigation bar -> Resources -> Support Chat. On this page you will have the option of filling out a form and chatting with a technical support representative who can initiate a remote support session from the chat if needed. Please keep in mind that Internet Explorer by default has security settings set so you cannot use this chat. If you navigate to this page while using Internet Explorer there will be options at the bottom of the page telling you how to bypass the security settings and chat with a support representative.

#2. The Mare Stare Technical Support Calling Card - http://marestare.com/downloads/MS%20Calling%20Card.msi
       This is basically a program that you can install on your computer and initiate a technical support session on the fly that way. It currently is NOT available for Mac users. The download can be found on the downloads page and the Support Chat page.

Currently the hours of operation for the technical support chat have been listed on the Support Chat page.

Kind Regards,

The Mare Stare Support Team
Kind Regards,

The Mare Stare Support Team

If you are in need of support please email frank@marestare.com or fill out a support ticket for quickest response.