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Author Topic: A Gentle Reminder to all and a world of thanks to our Moderators!  (Read 5115 times)

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I want to take a few moments to remind everyone of the core values of Mare Stare and, basically, why the service exists.  Mare Stare was developed to provide a service of cam hosting for animal owners.  Cam owners send us their video signal and we broadcast it around the world, privately or publically.  We use our technology, our 12 years of experience, and our bandwidth in an effort to provide you with the ability to view your animals from anywhere that there is internet service.  This allows you peace of mind and the ability to function normally.  This is the basic service we provide for $30 or less per month.

However, there is much more that our customers receive as a benefit that is being overlooked.  We have a highly qualified team of VOLUNTEERS that keep this site functioning smoothly.  Let me point out just a few of the many things that our moderators provide to our customers and guests for free.

We have an extensive Due Date calendar that is provided to the customers and viewers so you can see who is due, when they are due, when they gave birth and what they had.  This calendar also provides a link to the camera for instant access.  All of the dates and information provided in that calendar are entered by hand by the Mare Stare moderators. 

Our chat room is live and monitored all night by the Mare Stare Moderators.  They are there to answer questions for viewers and cam owners.  They help with camera problems and they alert owners when there are issues.

Our Moderators monitor the Mare Stare message board, the Mare Stare Facebook Page and the Mare Stare Watchers Facebook page 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.  They are there to offer assistance, and provide information for both the cam owners and the viewers.
In addition, they call cam owners, hit the high and low alerts, update posts and give their time to ensure that Mare Stare not only functions properly, but it provides an enjoyable and educational experience for all.

And did I mention these Moderators do this for free?  They are VOLUNTEERS and they do all of this out of the goodness of their hearts for the love of the animals on the cameras.  And there is something more that several of these moderators offer, which is the main point of this reminder.

When possible, our moderators record the births as a gift to the owner.  While it sounds simple to hit a button, please remember that these Moderators are operating off of their own computers, on their own time.  Our Moderators sometimes have 16 or more cameras open on their screen while they try to monitor what is going on so the owners can work, sleep, have family time and live a normal life.  When they are aware and have ample notice that a birth is impending, they do their very best to capture that experience in a recording.  But the work doesn\'t end with simply pushing a button.  They edit the video and present it in a professional format for the viewers who missed it and for the cam owners to have.  These videos are the property of Mare Stare and are a gift, not a right.

So, what prompted this need to provide a "reminder" to everyone? 

One of our moderators was recently scolded by a cam owner for not catching their birth on video.  Just as we protect our cam owners and we do not allow negative posts and criticism, I must also protect my Moderators as they give up hours and hours of their personal time away from their families for the benefit of these animals.  They alter their sleep patterns and lifestyles to provide as much support as they can for everyone on the site.  Believe it or not, the moderators get sick, have doctor appointments, and have lives away from Mare Stare, so instead of finding fault with something that was out of their control, let\'s remember to be grateful that they give so much of themselves for the benefit of animals that they do not own.  Let\'s also remember that they do all of this for free!  Mare Stare would not exist without our Moderators and I am very grateful to all of them.